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Taxila Auditorium

Taxila Auditorium, a unit of the Taxila Business School, is the most prestigious Performing Hall of Jaipur. The 300+ seater Auditorium has been a host to some of the best Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Conferences, Theatrical, Dance and Musical Performances, with legends like Chetan Bhagat, Shiv Khera and Internationally acclaimed Speakers Forum TEDX gracing this state-of-the-art facility in recent times. The Auditorium is an elegant structure with aesthetically designed Public Areas, Main Hall, Green Rooms, etc.

The Auditorium is strategically located in the Mansarovar area of Jaipur at Taxila Business School, Mandir Marg a popular and well known connected area of the Pink City.

Taxila Auditorium has the finest stage in the City of Jaipur with a width of _______ meters and a depth of ______ meters. The Auditorium stage is ideal for demanding theatrical performances. To enable quick change of scenes and sets as well as elaborate lighting design, the stage is equipped with _________flying bars with an upper height of over ______meters.

The Auditorium has excellent acoustics. It is furthermore equipped with a professional quality sound system using ___________Speakers, ___________Amplifiers and a __________Channel Soundcraft Mixer. The Auditorium also has its own sophisticated stage lighting with a large variety of professional lights such as Pars, Profiles, Victories, etc., which are connected through a Computerized Soft Patching System to a _________channel, zero ________, Control Panel.

The Auditorium is also equipped to enable direct telecast from the stage and the control room. In order to enhance security, the Auditorium has an elaborate CCTV System.

The Auditorium is proud to be considered as one of the finest Halls in India for presentation of prestigious performances.