The schedule for cancellation/postponement charges will be as follows:-

Cancellation       Postponement/Preponement

As per availability

Before 3 months or more                                             15%                                                        Nil

Before 2 months or more                                             25%                                                        12%

Before 1 month or more                                               50%                                                        25%

Before 0 Days or more                                                   100%                                                     50%

General Conditions:-

  1. All stage properties must be fireproof. No open fire will be allowed within the premises of the auditorium or in green rooms etc.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the auditorium and on stage. The party hiring the auditorium will ensure that this is strictly observed.
  3. No party will be allowed to handle the auditorium properties without the consent of the auditorium In-charge.
  4. The party hiring the auditorium will be responsible for any losses/damages to any property of the auditorium. The amount payable on this account will be determined by theIn-charge Taxila Auditorium and its decision will be binding on the party.
  5. Taxila Business School or its employees will not be held responsible for losses/damages of the properties of the hiring party used in the performance or kept in the auditorium premises.
  6. Selling of tickets, posting users and management of entrance and stage will be arranged by the party.
  7. Posters/Banners of  publicity  will  not  be  allowed  to be  stuck  on  any  portion of  the auditorium but will be allowed to hang at the space specified by the auditorium in charge.
  8. No extra lights or mikes will be installed by the party without prior permission.
  9. The party will obtain Police permission prior to the performance of the show and will be responsible for the maintenance of law and order, traffic control etc.
  10. Any other facility to be used by the party other than provided will require prior permission from the auditorium In-charge and charges may be levied on the same.
  11. Drinking of alcohol/beer/cold drinks/food/eatables etc. is strictly prohibited in the premises of the auditorium. The party booking the premises shall ensure that the rule is not violated.  In case of violationthe security money will be forfeited.
  12. Marriage function cannot be held inside the auditorium.
  13. The Taxila Business School reserves the rights to change and or alter modify and or all the terms and conditions without any notice whatsoever.
  14. The rules as applicable on the date of the show would however apply. The Taxila Business School reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time without assigning any reason.
  15. Use of  flower  garlands  and  fire  hazardous  material  should  strictly  be  avoided  inside  the auditorium. Smoking, consumption of pan, pan masala, zarda and serving and consumption of eatables and all beverages in the visitors’ gallery and in the function area is prohibited.
  16. Open flames, firecrackers, hand blasters and electronic blasters are prohibited inside the auditorium.
  17. Deposition of a refundable security amount is mandatory. The refund will be affected within 15 days of the completion of the event after deducting applicable taxes. The repair cost of any damage caused to the property during the event is recoverable from the above amount.
  18. Booking charges of exhibition areas do not include electricity charges.
  19. The security amount is refundable only to the organizer who has booked the premises.
  20. The security of all displays inside and outside the premises and additional security arrangement are the sole responsibility of the event organizer.
  21. Additional 33% tariff is applicable on account of preparations and dismantling if the premise is occupied before the event and/or is not vacated within a stipulated period after conclusion of the event.
  22. The management reserves the right to cancel or discontinue an event.
  23. The lobby area is not available for erecting stalls. No flagpoles, decorative arches or other decorations are permissible. Nailing or pasting of visual displays on the walls is not allowed.
  24. No eateries are permissible inside the premises. The cafeteria is available for such purpose.
  25. Event organizers are expected to maintain cleanliness throughout the event.
  26. Submission of permission letter from the Police Commissioner, Jaipur, is mandatory for all events.
  27. If sales of articles is planned inside the premises during an event, please, forward the NoObjection Certificate (NOC), from the sales tax department seven days prior to the event.