1. All reservations will be made on prescribed form only.
  2. In all cases 100% of the charges for the full period of booking must accompany the written request inaddition to the deposit of Rs.15, 000.00 as security deposit. Security deposit shall be returned back in 15 days after deduction of amount for any damages done.
  3. 100% charges (Booking Charges+ Security) must be paid by cash/ Cheque or online transfer in favor of Taxila Business School.
  4. No booking will be treated as confirmed unless the amount due under Rule 9 is paid.

CHARGES PER FOUR HOURS: The following is included:

A. One Auditorium 2. Two green rooms 3. One waiting room/entry to stage 4. Washrooms

  1. Monday to Thursday: Morning or Evening for 4 hours Rs.35,000.00
  2. Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Morning or Evening for 4 hours Rs.40,000.00
  3. Full Day (10 AM to 10 PM) 60,000.00

B. Kindly tick the additional facilities required:

  1. Charges for Use of inbuilt Audio system: Rs 5000/ per 4 hours
  2. Charges for use of inbuilt stage lights:                 5000/ per 4 hours
  3. Charges for use of projector and screen: Rs 1500/ per 4 hours
  4. Side lobby Rs 5000/ per 4 hours
  5. After 4 hours extra charges will be: 30% of above per hour or part thereof.

GST at 18% will be additional.